I Weigh 280 Lbs. I Need To Weigh 200 Lbs, In Two Mo.What Should I Do?


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Hit the treadmill.  Start by walking 3.8 miles an hour for like 30 minutes a day.  As you get better keep increasing the incline.  And then start hitting the treadmill two times a day.  Then speed up into a run as you lose more weight.  Meanwhile, stay away from foods that are bad for you.  I won't tell you what bad food is. You know in your heart if you are eating unhealthy. Eat more green veggies.  Stop drinking sugary drinks.  For breakfast, consider fruit... Or a boiled egg... But don't do the Poptart/Mc Griddle thing.  Try also doing machine weights or free weights, but DO NOT use a bunch of weight.  Just a ton of reps.  Go to the gym EVERYDAY... Even if you are sore.  If your arms are sore... Work on your legs.  If your legs are sore, work on your arms.  If your arms and legs are sore, work on the mid section.  If your whole body aches, relax in the steam room or sauna.  Just get in to the ritual of hitting the gym DAILY.  Just mix it up.  I lost 150 lbs in eight months.  I lost 80 of that in four months.  That was in 2006.  Today I am still doing well.  I have been slacking off BIGTIME at the gym, but I still have managed to keep 130lbs of that weight off.  Change your lifestyle... Not just your look.  Heck, I even stopped drinking beer.  Too many calories.

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