After A Period Is It Normal To Have A Pink Discharge?


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Vaginal secretion is the body’s natural way to clean and defend the vagina against infection and to provide lubrication. It is normal for there to be a little red colour discharge, which may leave a patch on underclothes. A woman in her reproductive years discharges about two grams of epithelial cells and about half a gram of mucus each day.
The volume of normal discharge will vary between women. Some may seem to have more than average and there may be no abnormality to account for it; this is called leukorrhoea. The epithelial cells are rich in glycogen, which is a carbohydrate. Lactobacilli are bacteria normally found in the vagina that are able to break down glycogen to lactic acid. The lactic acid keeps the fluid in the vagina slightly acidic and this protects against infections. Oestrogen tends to increase the amount of glycogen. Ultimately, the hormone environment alters the amount of normal vaginal discharge.
Around the time of ovulation, usually about 14 days before the next period, there is an increased amount of clear vaginal discharge. There is also an increased discharge when pregnant.
A number of factors will contribute to the volume of the normal discharge. These include the stage of the menstrual cycle, hormone medication (e.g. Oral contraception or hormone replacement therapy increase vaginal discharge), sexual arousal and activity and clothing. There is an increased fluid discharge around the time of ovulation, this occurs 14 days before the next period is due. Pregnancy is associated with an increase in vaginal discharge.
Many women experience a brown discharge or a pink discharge before or after a period.
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The pink discharge after periods is part of same periods. At the end of desquomative phase, the blood vessels in uterus are almost lost and very little blood is present lacking blood cells. This causes brown/pink discharge. Your are not pregnant. Sperms can travel from out side to vagina. But they have to travel a lot to reach fallopian tube. The pregnancy in this situation might be one in millions.
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A pink discharge is just a lighter side or the ending of the period you were just experiencing
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Hi, um....I had my period last week...the last day of my period was on friday  and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex that night (he pulls out) but its wednesday now, and ive noticed light pink discharge when I wipe since monday....what could it be from?
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No studies show that birth control pill will cause birth defects, but the birth control instructions say that if you are or think that you are pregnant to discontinue them and use another form of birth control, like condoms. Good luck.
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Depending on weather you have been pregnant you will have pink discharge it have something to do with the blood vessels but if not then its not so normal you may want to go see about it.
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It is way too early to tell if you are pregnant or not, and if you are, the pill isn't going to hurt the baby, you might be able to get a blood test done with your doctor to find out, but don't waste your money on the home tests, most of the time I see them on here, they are always negative. Hope this helps you out, good luck to you.
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If you are trying to get pregnant then you shouldnt be on birth control. Birth control can cause spotting or even bleeding. You shouldnt fall pregnant if you are on birth control. You should be ok. If you need call your OBGYN. No way you would know you are pregnant this early.

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