How Early On In Pregnancy Will You Nipples And Breasts Start To Become Extremely Sore?


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Well, pregnancy testing at home can be faulty during the early days of pregnancy. So you better get tested again by a professional. Secondly, the timing of the pregnancy symptoms can vary from individual to individual. Some might get it and some might not. So if you have tender breasts it might be the sign. I would suggest get a professional pregnancy test.
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Every woman is different when it comes to showing signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Some literally have had their cycles through the entire pregnancy, and some you can't even tell that there is even a pregnancy.
The best thing for you to do is wait about another week, and then go in and see a doctor. I know it can seem like forever waiting for a week, but by then, you should have a better answer. Hope this helps, good luck, and if you are preggers, congratulations.
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Oh you need to test again I once tested because I had the same symptoms it was negative then 11 days later it was positive but I knew straight away because my breasts were tingling , I was tired , needed to urinate more need I go on

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