My braces are coming off next week...super exited yet little nervous! Does it hurt a lot? What does it feel like when its FINALLY off? Thanx! Xx


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Mandy Clark answered
I've had brackets popped off before when they changed them. They take out the wire and pop all the brackets off. That doesn't hurt at all it's just a little weird:) then they take this buzzy thing and scrape all the glue off. That part is really uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt. I still have braces but my friends who got them off already say that your teeth feel slimy and you get a lisp. But you can get really cute retainer colors!:)
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PAINNN! LOL don't wnna scare youu..but it depends what your pain tolerance does feels like the pressure has come off and it is sore for a few days..8) shouldnt hurt tht bad.....8) but it will hurt no worries at least you have a perfect smile...8)

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