I'm 4 Days Late, Could I Be Pregnant?


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You could, but it's not necessarily going to happen. Many people are late on their period, and then just have it a while later. It's possible to go weeks without having your period, and not be pregnant. You must remember that your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones in your body. If the hormones are affected or if they are released differently in the body for whatever reason, then the timing of the period will be out. The body can change according to its external environment, and even things like diets. Hence, if there has been anything of a particularly drastic change in your life recently then this could indeed be the cause of your late period.

Many girls going through exams, or tough times at their place of work, miss their periods or come on late. This is because the body reacts to high levels of stress and worry, and hormones are released differently. Whole periods can be skipped and hence, you may not be pregnant at all.

If you cannot think of any notable changes in your life recently, and if your diet has remained the same, then perhaps there should be some concern. Furthermore, if you have had unprotected sex recently then you should again be concerned. If you have had unprotected sex after your last period and you are late going on a week, or two weeks, then you should definitely be worried. Chances are in this case you will be pregnant, and you need to see your doctor or family planning clinic as soon as you can.

Your doctor will talk to you about what you can do when you are pregnant. They will also give you a pregnancy test if you have not already done one. From here you need to make the right decision for you concerning the potential of you having a baby.
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Possibly. But not necessarily. They have home pregnancy tests that can tell right away. Or you can wait a little while, see if you develop flu like symptoms and still no menstrual cycle. This is a hugely life altering question, so don't just put it off, but do give yourself a few days to see what develops and in that time consider what your options need to be for you. God Bless
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Either go see an obgyn and do a blood test, or go to the store to buy a pregnancy test I would say buy e.p.t. That one is very accurate you can take it a upto a week after your missed period.
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It may be that you are just nervous about being pregnant and many times, that causes some of the symptoms. Most of the time though, when a woman questions it and can validate it with several reasons why they believe they are (unprotected sex, late period, moodiness, tender breasts, morning sickness, etc.) then they usually are.

Boris is correct that you should test or have the doctor test you and very soon. It will either take away undue stress if your not or it will let you know that you are so you can better care for yourself and the new life you have created.
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Hello Nervous one,
You may not be pregnant. Sometime a period can come a little late due to what is going on in your body. Stress is a factor that can cause your period to not come at all, be late, or become very heavy. Have you been stressing lately?
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It's okay to have those type of stuff I just had those feeling and had my menstrual today so its all good, but if you stay feel other wise take the test

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You won't need to worry about a couple of days, you need to worry about being 6 weeks late, you can't get an accurate test done until then, and it needs to be done with your doctor. Don't panic, stress will make it longer before you start.
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Me and My husband started trying to get pregnant again. I have been so excited and want to be pregnant NOW! & thats all I think about! I am 4 days late.. Am I pregnant or have I just not started because Ive been worried about getting pregnant so much??!
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Go your Gyn and have a blood test done may be its too early to show on a test.because some times isn't that good.but the blood is.japeace
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If you have had sex within the past few months, then there is always a possibility that you may have become pregnant.

I would leave it a few more days and then re-test.

Also, find out if you should still be taking the pill your on, if you think you may be pregnant?

Best of luck  :-)

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When you take the pill it increases your eggs, so any accidents could result in pregnancy, if you still don't get it do another pregnancy test
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My husband divorced me 6 weeks ago. I got my period on time just after the divorce.
My period is 4 days late,is it possible that I could be pregnant. I never had sex for seven weeks?
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It could be because of the pill, especially if 2 test show negative.  Your best bet is a blood test, it is nore accurate than a home test.  In the meantime, take care of yourself as if you were pregnant, until you know for sure you are not.  But keep in mind that condoms are not 100% reliable.
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I am four days late my period was suppose to come on 3/21 I had a misscarriage two and half years ago and since me and my husband have been ttc I have been very tired and sore nipples also very nauseus and a yellowish dischard. Have not took an hpt yet because scare of the dissapointment what do yall think answer me back please
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Yes you could be but all you need to no is that you if you r pregnant you will make a great mother and you need to just take response ability for it and do not get a abortion most people consider that as murder just trust your self
You can settle the issue for about $5.00 - go the the grocery or drug store, buy a pregnancy test, and use it. Even if it doesn't tell you what you wanted to hear it is better to know than to worry.
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You can go to a drug store but also I heard it's normal to skip days sometimes you skip a month and some people who exercise too much stop
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I'm not trying to scare you but I think you have a big chance of being pregnant
I'm young but I know because I gone through everything well almost.sexually wise and I'm only 14.I think I am now sadly.
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You Can Get An Accurate Result As Early As 4 Days Before Your Missed Period You Can Have False Negatives So You Should Wait 2-3 Days Before Trying Another Test
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I am four days late can I be pregnant I have been a little stressed and worried the last few weeks
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My period is 4 days late today. I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. As for signs and symptoms, well I've had a few. Breast tenderness, nausea through out the day, mood swings galore, fatigue, and a few others that I shouldn't mention on here! I haven't got a test yet..although I tested about two weeks ago when I was first thinking I had pregnancy symptoms and it came out negative. But that could have been because it was too soon. I haven't gone in for a blood test or even done a home pregnancy test. But I will if my period doesn't come fa rely soon. I suggest you do the same thing. There is only a 20% chance of a women getting pregnant each month. But it happens quite often..so don't think you have no chance of getting pregnant at all.
Best of luck to you!
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We have been trying for 8 months now .I am 40 years old and had my sterilisation reversed last july it went very well.my partner is 31 and has a low morphology but a high sperm count I am 4 days late for my period feel a bit sick slight tender breasts and it doesnt feel like I am going to come on my period .my periods have never been late and I have not missed a period before. Also my fertily test is very good and high

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