How Do You Get Your Body Back To Normal After Not Sleeping For 3 Days And Smoking Crystal Meth?


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You will need to do three basic things to try and recover from not sleeping for three days and smoking crystal meth.
Drink plenty of fluids!
  • Drinking water will keep your body hydrated and should help to "cleanse" your body from three days of abuse.
  • Without enough water in your system your comedown will be a lot more brutal - because when you are high, your kidneys need more water to break down the crystal meth.
  • The choice of fluids is equally important - alcoholic beverages will cause you to lose more fluid than you gain. Also avoid drinking tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.

  • Eating a good, healthy meal would be advisable because it will help to restore your depleted energy levels and should top up your vitamin and nutrient levels.
  • Even if you are not hungry, your body will need all the fuel it can get. If you don't fancy a large meal, then plenty of snacking should be enough to increase those depleted energy levels.
  • Sugary foods are not a good idea, as protein high foods will be more beneficial to your body than a quick sugar rush. Cheese, burgers, pizza, fruit, vegetables and sandwiches are all good to eat - but try to avoid cookies, candy bars and ice cream!
  • This is probably the most important aspect of recovery. Although crystal meth usage makes it difficult to sleep, when you do eventually drop off make sure you get a good long sleep. This will help to make up for the complete lack of sleep in the past three days.
  • If you're finding it difficult to get some decent sleep, then just a little nap will help to keep your mind more focused.
  • If you still can't sleep, don't ever use sleeping pills in conjunction with crystal meth or any other hard drugs! The mixture of these powerful compounds could cause serious or even fatal effects on your heart and blood pressure. A good deal of crystal meth related deaths involve the use of sleeping pills, because of the effect the drug has on sleep!
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First and foremost constantly hydrate with fluids. Preferably water. Then rest yourself - sleep as much as you can, take water breaks in between, and some vitamins would not hurt.
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Stop using crystal meth. Trying eating a salad. Have some warm milk at bedtime. Crystal meth is not all that nutritious. I know you thought it was high in vitamin c, but that is just a myth.

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When you do meth, it will make you feel amazing. But the after effects, are aweful.
When you're high, you're stomache is hungry, but you won't want to eat. You're mind is racing, you won't be able to sleep, you feel like you're doing so many things, you're in a really good mood, you talk alot, and you're just happy and you feel busy.
Thenn, after this wears off, You come down.
Where you become depressed, tired, non talkative, hungry, mad, irritated, and all you want to do is sleep this aweful feeling off, but most times you can't sleep until the come down is almost over. You basically just feel drained.

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Sleep sleep and sleep. You need to sleep until you wake up on your own then eat because I'm sure you have not been eating on the dope.

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