I Had A Laparoscopic Hysterectomy 3 Weeks Ago. And Still Staining A Small Amount. I Have Noticed A Bad Odor And I Am Worried. I Also Have A Discharge Like A Liquid Not Thick At All. Is This Also Normal?


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Thank you for your response  I have called the doctor and he also said that the stitches are melting away and that is what is causing it.   Very uncomfortable though.   Everyone is telling me once all is said and done that I will feel like a new women.  I am waiting for that day.
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I just had a full hysterectomy on the 8th of August and also was worried about the strange faint colored discharge and vaginal odor. Glad you mentioned that it was from the dissolving stitches. I confirmed this with my doctor when she called to tell me my la results this morning. Thanks for the relief. I, too, can't wait to feel like this "new woman." Patience has never been my strong suit, though, and a lot of repair work was done during the surgery. Best wishes with your recovery.

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I had a laparoscopic, supra-cervical HST almost 3 years ago.  I was mostly okay after the first week but I did have discharge for a few weeks after.  The odor...well, it could be a few things...mostly nothing to worry about but honestly I would call the Dr. office and see what they have to say about it.  It could be the tissue that was cauterized during the procedure, it could be dried blood, it could be that a pH ambulance has created a mild infection. 
Have you been to the hystersisters.com website?  Lots of great info and support there.  Good luck with your recovery!  I couldn't be happier with my results.  =)
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If you are having bleeding/staining after hysterectomy after 3 weeks , its normal. Although healing process of laparoscopic hysterectomy is faster than abdominal hysterectomy but it can also sometimes take six months. I advise you to go for follow of visit to your doctor and discuss this.

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