My Period Is Over A Week Late. My Breasts Hurt, I Am Exhausted, I Have A Vaginal Discharge And Itching. I Also Get Very Disoriented And Cannot Concentrate. Could I Be Pregnant?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
There are many signs of pregnancy and different women experience different things and different symptoms. You can be pregnant with a few signs which you have but you must take pregnancy test to be for sure. No one can tell you from the symptoms 100% that you are pregnant.
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Never mind. I went to the doctor two hours ago and they confirmed that I am not pregnant. I also got Diflucan. So my infection will be gone in a day or so. I guess the other symptoms were related to the pill. I am just one of those unlucky women who cannot use contraception. I have tried Depo-Provera, Nuva Ring, the patch, and about 12 different types of pills.
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Jayne Cheffer answered
Generally tender breasts and a missed period are two signs of pregnancy. I would go and take a pregnancy test. But if that turns up negative, that I would definately go to your doctor. Usually vaginal discharge isn't part of pregnancy symptoms but I'm not quite sure. Good luck!

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