After having sew without condom and taken the tablet in 4 hours to stop Pregnancy after 1month periods are not started may i know why?


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  • Taking the morning after pill can often disrupt your period so this isn't necessarily something to worry about, but at the same time you should maybe take a pregnancy test just to make sure the pill was effective.
  • It has been known for periods to stop for months at a time after taking Plan B or similar morning after pills. If you are anxious and worried this can also affect your period,so try to relax and see if it comes. A pregnancy check would obviously give you peace of mind in this regard. Stressing out about the situation is only likely to delay the period further.
  • Due to the large amount of hormones in the morning after pill, it is not recommended to be taken more than once every six months and should not be treated as anything other than an emergency measure - it is not a family planning option for example!
  • The morning after pill is usually effective if taken within a 24 hour period of unprotected sex and can be effective for up to 72 hours after, so if you took the pill within 4 hours then you should not be pregnant. However, it is always worth double checking, just for your own peace of mind as much as anything.

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