How To Lose White Fast?


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I think you mean weight.  Well I am losing weight at the moment and it is dropping at a time and pace.  You have to be confident. All you have to do is eat your 3 meals a day.  Breakfast lunch and dinner.  For breakfast you sholud have something light with no sugar and low calories.  For lunch choose something that will keep you going but not sweets.For dinner eat one meal with no seconds or then your stomach witll get used to second helpings and will give you a unwanted craving.  Do not snack in between meals or this will make your weight increase.  Do excersize every so often and stretching on your legs.  If you have anymore queries please get back to me.

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If you want to lose weight fast, you need to really be on point with your diet.

Cut out all processed foods and get used to filling yourself up on vegetables/salads.

Have 6-8oz of lean meats along with your salads and a fist sized portion of carbohydrates (brown rice or yams for example).

Drink 8 glasses of water a day...

Have fruit and some nuts(not too many, they are calorie dense)...

Bottom line though..count your calories to ensure you're on point and don't drop lower than 1,200/day.

Add up to 1 hour of cardio/day to burn another 500 calories/hour.

There's more info on how to do it the right way here.

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