How Do You Lose Wait FAST?


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Hey  what I did and is not the healthy est way to do it is just don't eat or at least eat a fruit once a day and lots and lots of water when you are hungry I was 200 pounds and now I'm 147 just from doing that and I eat normal now and I stay the same weight I no its not the healthy est but it does work and make sure you exercise , and if your some one that can't go with out food eat fruits and veggies NOT COOKED ones (and do not use dips in it). Trust me You'll loose the weight.  ( people that are round or have extra fat also just do sit ups and run/walk 5-7 days out of the week for at least 20 Min's to 30 a day and I will promise you , you'll see a improvement.
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Losing weight, reducing weight circumference and getting a ideal BMI is one of the latest fads of his age. You will find a lots and lots of stuff on the internet guides, diets, crash dieting programs etc. The best way still is cutting down on all sorts of fat, taking a more protein rich diet, moderate amount of carbs, lots and lots of fiber and a 45 min brisk walk.
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You can lose weight in the following format
1.Make a one week time table and on it include only fruits and vegetable.
2. Eat pounded fresh garlic every morning. Roll them small like balls and take them like a drug each with a glass of juice. Peel like ten cloves of garlic and crush them totally.
3. Keep 1 litre of water close to you. Every time you feel you want to eat just drink that water to feel your stomach. That will help to dispose off that mentality wanting to eat. Make sure it stays close to you whether home or at work.
4. During your lunch. Make yourself vegetables and lots of fruits accompanied. Do not make vegetable with lots of oils that will not solve what we are driving at.
5.During supper make sure your water is close to you. If you can't find it or finished please get more. Make it a lifestyle. Water plays a great role in your body. DO THIS JUST FOR ONE WEEK
6.Second week eat now breakfast with boiled Irish, cabbage add tomatoes with a glass of juice.
7.At lunch hours eat still vegetables and after that take water.
8.Make water your lifestyle every place you go.
8.Third week you can now switch back to your meals but eat little not much. Do exercise every morning and evening daily
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You can run every day or just make a salad for lunch. I did that and got results in just 3 days... I lost 10 pounds. If you need to loose quicker than that just double the running and salad eating.
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If you want to lose weight fast (but safe):

-Cut your calories down to 1,200 calories/day
-Fill yourself up on veggies and salads as well as lean meats like chicken, fish, egg whites or shrimp.
-Have 1-2 fruits a day if you like
-Have oatmeal, brown rice, yams, beans as your carb sources..

If you encounter any plateaus, cut out carbs for 1-2 days, eat only veggies+lean meats (fruit have carbs so no fruit on those days)...

Or...increase the duration/intensity of the cardio you're doing.

If you want to lose weight fast, I'd be doing at least 60min/day.

Also, drink a lot of water...8 glasses +

If you need any more help setting things up, make sure you read up on a structured diet/exercise program...This one is a good one that has worked for many.

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Never eat its what I done and now I'm a size 4 in jeans x
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Lots of exercise and healthy food and don't eat  unless you are hungry not a snake here and there
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Don't listen to all the crap that people tell you. I'm 12 and way 140 I'm 4'11 but I can hide my fat well. All I have to do is lose 10 pounds and I'll a stick. It runs in my family to be big. But so far I'm the smallest out of my mom and grandmother when they were younger. The said thing is that now they're both skinnier now.

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