How To Wear A Sanitary Pad Video?


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Sanitary pads, which are sometimes referred to as maxi or menstrual pads, are designed from soft, absorbent materials suitable to collect and contain the menstrual flow, or period, of a girl or woman.

For some girls, the first time they have a period can be quite scary, in particular if they have not been properly told what to expect. The main thing to remember is that this is perfectly normal and nothing to be frightened or embarrassed about.

It should be possible to ask Mum, an older sister or perhaps even a female teacher or nurse how to use a sanitary towel. If this is not an option, here is some basic information.

These pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Which one to choose depends on the heaviness of the flow and, to a certain extent, personal preferences.

Some pads are thicker, and designed for over-night protection. Others have been specifically designed to use with thongs.

A lot of companies now produce pads with so-called wings, little sticky flaps which are stuck to the outside of underwear. This is especially useful for very active girls or women, as they provide extra hold to prevent the pad from slipping about.

Using any of them is quite simple. After being removed from the packaging, the pad is unfolded if necessary and the backing strip is removed.

The pad is then centered and stuck into the inside, seat part of the underwear. If wings are present, they are folded to the outside of the underwear and stuck down.

If this does not seem to make sense at all, there are a multitude of videos showing how to do this available from various sources.

YouTube in particular features a whole range of videos showing how to use different types of pads.

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