How Do I Know If I Am Fertile?


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Go to the doctors voice your concerns and they will be able to test to see wot your sperm count is
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Your Obgyn can do a test that will give you the answer to that....good luck
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I had my period on june 7th it lasts for 7 days today which is june I fertile yet, and should I start trying to conceive?
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I believe that is something you can find out from your doctor. He/she will have to run a test. That's like the only way to find out if you are or not.
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Chemists sell fertility tests. Alternatively, you can ask your GP to refer you to a good gynaecologist at your local hospital.
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Can a female get prego and not be fertile...well let's say alil..also if white blood cells aren't producin as much, could that be an issue?

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