Can I Still Get Pregnant On Days I Am Not Fertile?


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The chances of pregnancy are much higher two or three days before and after the periods. So try to have sex when your date is very near or soon after your period is over.
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A woman who ovulates healthy eggs is always fertile, no matter what time of month it is. What you should be asking is "when do I ovulate?" as that is the best time to get pregnant, although it is quite possible to become pregnant at any other time during your cycle. If your period is every 28 days, ovulation should occur on day 14, right in the middle of your cycle. That is your best bet if you are trying to conceive naturally. Good luck!
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You can't conceive when you aren't fertile, but knowing exactly when you are infertile is quite tricky - for instance, it is occasionally possible to conceive during your period although this is rare. It might be best to look at your internal temperature for a more exact guide - you can get more information here. Good luck.
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My last period on august 5,2010..I make contack to my partner on august 22,2010..I can't get pregnant?

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