I Am About 5'2 And About 180 Pounds And I'm 16. How Much Should I Weigh? And Am I Going To Grow Anymore? Seems Like I Have Been This Tall Since I Was 12.


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Well... On a bmi chart you would be considered obese. Your weight could vary based on bone structure and muscle mass but if You have a small frame you should be 108-121 medium-118-132 and large-128-143
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I am 180 pounds, 17, and 5 2. If you want to know if your going to grow anymore, ask your doctor. He or she will be able to round- out or calculate your ideal weight, and tell you how much more he or she expects you to grow. Since you are only 16, you probably have some growing left to do. And for the weight loss, MY ideal weight loss is around  70 pounds, and that will bring me to about 110 pounds. As for you- its not how much weight you should loose, its how much you want to loose to feel healthy and happy with who you are. If your healthy at 180, which is slim- then stay that way, but usually extra pounds lead to extra health problems, so again, talk to your doctor and find out a diet and exercise plan that will work for you. Hopefuly that helped.

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