Well my period is very late. Im on day 41 and it usually comes between 28 and 33 days. I've also been having some cramping like i do whe i menstruate but i too two $1 test and they were negative. Can i be pregnant?


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Merlin Paine answered
Those test are usually very accurate. To be on the safe side weight a couple more weeks and if still have not menstruated by then then buy a name brand or higher quality test and take another test and if it is still negative see a doctor to be sure.
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Mareca Soro answered
I f  your gain or lose weight your menstruate  date  will be  change,if its come at the end of every month as you expected  than you will expected  it on the middle of  next month  .If its come on the  begining of every month as you expected it will come at the end  of the month.That is the another way  that god gives us women to know that we gaining or  losing weight and changes in our body.
But if you pregnant , congratulation!!.
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Wait for another few day just in case but if you since have not menstruated, you need to see a doctor as soon as to find out if you have a problem wih your cycle or you are indeed pregnant.

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