Why Do My Breasts Hurt Two Weeks Before My Period Is Due?


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Having sore or swollen breasts prior to your period is a fairly common problem among women and it is therefore not something that you should worry too much about on its own. Of course if you are particularly concerned or the pain is particularly intense, then you should not hesitate to visit your doctor as they will be able to either reassure you or advise you if there is an issue that requires further attention.
There are a number of possible reasons for this happening. It is possible that you are experiencing pain due to a hormonal imbalance, for instance a lack of progesterone in the body. This is something that can often happen in the days and weeks before your period. It is also possible that your breasts are sore and swollen due to excess fluid retention. It is often said that sore breasts are a possible sign of pregnancy, but this is by no means a definite or reliable sign and should not be considered as such.
The problem of hormonal imbalance causing pain is usually referred to as 'fibrocystic breast condition'. The causes of the condition are not fully known, but it is generally accepted that the problem is linked to hormone levels in the body. The condition most commonly affects women aged between 30 and 50 but tends to subside once a woman is older than this. Fibrocystic breast condition tends to be consistent in both breasts. If one breast is different to the other in this sense then you may have a different problem and you should consult your doctor.
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Hi Even I am experiencing the same thing. I too have tender breast before my two weeks of periods. If it would be due to after ovulation then my time of ovulation is 14th to 19th but usually my breast are tender on 18th or before that. The pain is horrible when days progresses can't sleep either left or right need to sleep straight. Want to know reasons for it. If you also experienced the same thing.Thank you
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Breast tenderness 2-3 weeks before periods not related with menstrual cycle. It can be due to other reasons. If breast tenderness occurs few days before periods or during periods then it can be due to premenstrual syndrome which is caused by high hormone levels. So, you should visit a doctor and get his advice.
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Breast tenderness is usually associated with a hormone called progesterone. This hormone is produced after the ovulation. As you are getting breast tenderness 2 weeks before your periods it means you got this after ovulation. Usually this happen few days before periods. To have a differential diagnosis get an appointment from doctor to rule out any serious cause.
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This is quite normal. A lot of women experience breast pain when they are ovulating, which typically happens two weeks before a period. If it hurts really badly and goes on for long, you should see a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong, but hopefully the pain will get less with time.

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