What Happen If You Have Had 3 Abortion And Now You Are Trying To Get Pregnant? Can You Still Get Pregnant After 3 Abortion?


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I would recommend speaking to your doctor first. I would imagine you should be able to get pregnant again. Don't listen to other peoples opinions on what you did in the past. There's a reason why women are given the choice. They're not the ones who have to live with what you did. Speak to your doctor and Good Luck.
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Hi I 2 have had 3 abortions due to my own reason's that DON'T make me a bad person so don't listen to others who say its bad as everyone has there own good reasons :) I am currently 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant and so far everything is going gr8 so hang in there and remember everything happens for a reason :)
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You could have scar tissue which is preventing you from getting pregnant at this point a Dr. Would be able to tell you if the damage is too great or if you can conceive after the abortions....Peace
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I would think so but why would you want kids now if you murdered the three previous lives god gave you? were the abortions done because you got raped, a dope addict at the time? See your doctor first cause your uterus may be scared and might cause problems with the new baby. Keep this one or give it up for adoption if you don't want it but no abortions.

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