What Does Fertile Mean?


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If your female it means you produce a lot of eggs and can get easily pregnant, and if you are male it means you produce lots of sperm and can get someone pregnant very easily.
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Fertile means to be of age, or physical condition where you are able to produce off springs, such as babies. For instance, people don't become fertile until their teens and reach puberty. Means to grow and produce. This is true for plants, fungus and viruses as well. As long as they have proper environment, they become fertile, ready to pro create
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Fertile has various meanings linked to it; in terms of biology it refers to as initiating, supporting, or sustaining reproduction. It is referred to as growing and budding, generally a fertile egg. In terms of botany it is referred to as bearing purposeful reproductive structures like seeds or fruit or material. For example, spores or pollen. It also holds the meaning of cultivating crops in huge amounts. The word fertile comes from the Middle English word 'fertil'and also from the Latin word 'fertilis'. The Synonyms of fertile are fecund, fruitful, productive and prolific.

Fertile material is a concept that is used to explain nuclides which normally themselves do not experience an induced fission. It is generally generated by neutron amalgamation and successive nuclei conversions.
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I always thought fertile was to do with soil. If soil was fertile it would be good for growing plants. Thats what I think    ^_^
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When your able to have kids
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Easy to impregnate
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