I'm 10 Weeks Pregnant And My Boyfriend Does Not Want The Baby AT ALL. But I Don't Believe In Abortions And I Want The Baby. He Says We're Too Young, We're Both 21?


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It sounds to me like he is a very immature bastard who does not want to take responsibility for his actions, and who does not deserve the gift of having a child, or being a father!!  And yes, hitting and squeezing of the stomach while pregnant, especially in early stages, can cause a first trimester miscarriage, so you have to watch if you get any heavy bleeding out of nowhere, and severe cramps that are even worse than normal period cramps, and also watch for blood clot looking things in your stewls, because it may be a miscarriage.  What I would do if I was in your situation would be to get him out of your life pronto, and maybe even call some kind of authority to take care of him if he still wants to continue to hit and squeeze your belly when you have a human life growing in there!  You also should contact your ob/gyn, or med. Doc. Immediately, if you have not already, and see if the pregnancy is still progressing normally.  If you eventually decide that raising a child alone is not the best thing for you at this time, then consider looking into adoption for you baby as soon as possible so you can find the right loving family to take care of him, because your baby should not have to pay for that jerk faces mistakes at all, because he is definately not a man, but rather a little boy still!  I truly hope that you follow this advice, and that your pregnancy turns out for the best, and your little one lives the loving life he/she deserves!  :-)
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Your boyfriend is just plain mean, I kind of know what your going through but my partner didnt hit me. I'm 22 and he is 24 and we were together for 6 years, when I found out I was pregnant he was totally unreasonable and demanded that I have an abortion, I was only 4 weeks at the time, I said that I would think about it but upon that decided that I couldnt go through with the abortion because it is plain wrong, and considering he was the one who took the contraceptive patch of me and told me it wouldnt bother him if I was pregnant, it thought he was being completely heartless. He has wishes some horrible stuff on me so I told him either grow up and stand by me or get lost. Whether you are pregnant or not he has no right to lay a finger on you, to be honest I wouldnt bother with him if I was you, I know its easier said than done but you have got a little life that depends on you now. I now have no contact with the father of my baby, I'm only 10 weeks now so so much can change but I'm planning to do this alone and any help I get is a bonus. You need to make the right decision for you and the baby and no one else its a tough decision but you can do it. Don't let someone else rule you I'm sure that you would make a great mummy.

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