I get really bad mood swings just before my period and I don't know how to control them.. Any ideas?


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Kenzie Gordon answered
I am new with this whole period thing but I know how you feel. Just try to avoid things that will make you sad. So don't listen to sad songs, don't watch sad movies, don't think about any break ups with your ex boyfriends. Etc. Also try to think of fun things to do to distract yourself! Like you could go to the mall, have a sleepover, watch funny movies, the possibilities are endless! Just avoid anything that could stress you out. And if nothing else works just sit back and RELAX![= Hope I helped!
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alejandra paz answered
Wow well I have issuses with mood swings too..lol sometimes I feel like yelling at everyone and sometimes I start crying out of no where because the stupidest things...I feel sorry for my boyfriend cause he has to deal with that haha...and well I seriously suggest that you don't have any caffine during your period..listen to relaxing music...and stay active so you wont think about the feelings your feeling..and its really important to smile and laugh so it wont be that noticable that your in PMS..I hope I was helpful(:

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