Why I Feel My Mood Is Bad After The Period And Nervous?


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B.R.K KING answered
Well after raising 4 girls and having Karma52 as my soul and life partner, and also having an extensive medical back ground I saw an interesting new study and its conclusion the med. Research people now say that "AFTER" your cycle there is a continuous mood swing before your hormones reengage. Are you ready 4 this they call it POST TRAMATIC SYDROME!! I believe they did that so the pharmaceutical COMPANYS can make a new drug to sell it is always about the bottom line which is about mony. Do not feel bad about your self there ARE supplements you can-take and ways to combat they icks...HARPO
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ray of light answered
There is direct relation of hormones and mood changes. A lady is has different phases of hormones during a menstrual cycle. So her mood is also continuously changing through out her cycle. It is normal and no need to worry.
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Well basically dats part of the monthly period cycle....wen it starts off....you do feel quite irritated and you do become quite aggressive (in some cases)....or just annoyed....its related to your hormonal changes....and its natural.....so its nothing to worry about....

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