There Are Mood Swings With Before Period, Is It Normal?


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Have you seen your gp lately. You may have a hormonal problem which can be treated by h r t ,hormone replacement therapy. Mood swings are likely to increase if not treated, but don't worry for it is quite common. Most of us old married men have had to endure it with our wives so your partner should be understanding and supportive of you.

You may need a course of h r t , hormone replacement therapy. Mood swings are common in these circumstances and most of us old married men will know all about it. See your gp and keep your partner in the loop. That way he can be understanding and supportive.:)
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Hi totaldo,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having some issues with the perimenopause part of life.

I began having hot flashes quite some time ago - in my 20s (and I'm only 46!), but my mom went through early - she was done by 43, not long after she had me (at 39). I too was headed toward early menopause, but I wound up with very painful fibroids which made it quite difficult to walk and then came my total hysterectomy at age 41, after all those years of never having a problem. Go figure! LOL.

Make an appointment with the doctor; you'll be more at ease if you do, and he/she may be able to guide you to a therapy that is right for you.

Please be sure to let me know how you are doing!

My prayers are with you!

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