How do I lose 40 - 50 lbs. In 3 months?


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Allie I read your comment on one of the answers, and I know you really want to loose weight, but losing that much in that short amount of time is unhealthy.  If you want to lose weight the best way to do so is in a healthy way.  Come up with an exercise routine and try to eat healthier foods.  You may even want to try one of those weight loss systems.  If you work hard eventaully you will be skinny, but it is more important to be healthy.  If you  want to be as skinny as celebrities as you mentioned, just remember that they have personal trainers that help them work out almost every day and they practically live on rice cakes. In fact some are very unhealthy as they are too skinny.
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Woah wait I just read the other info cause I didnt see it before and im floored!! U are 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your body needs nutrition to grow and function properly. U seem to be a good weight for your height. If you have a properly fitted dress for your aunts wedding and dont try to squeeze into something that is something you would like to fit into but cant you will look great. Like I said before healthy is the ONLY way to go.
Allie Hallowell
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Well is there a way to atleast look skinny by then? Not exactly be skinny?
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Lets take the lower end of this goal to lose 40 pounds in 3 months...

To do this, you'd have to lose .44 pounds/day or 3 pounds/week.

Now usually when attempting to lose weight, you should be aiming for 1-2 pounds/week, so to go for 3 pounds/week, is not too off that mark, and will still be possible, even easy if you have a lot of weight on you to lose.

To start...take your weight in lbs, and multiply it by 15...whatever number you get, that is what you need to eat in calories in order to maintain your current weight.

Start eating 500 calories below this number to lose at a rate of 1 pound a week (a 3,500 calorie deficit = 1 pound lost).

You could also add 1 hour of cardio/day to burn another 500 calories each hour...this would give you another pound of loss each week.

To get that last pound, you could simply cut your calories down a bit maintain a 1,000 calorie deficit instead.

Find out more on how to set this up here.

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That's a big ask to lose that amount in 3 months.  It will most likely take you around 6 months to lose that amount . 
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Allie Hallowell
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Well i need to look skinny. Like lets skinny as carrie much does she weigh?? Or how much do i need to lose to look like her?
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Without surgery or starving yourself, this is nearly impossible but could be done but probably not without harmful side effects

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