Can someone tell me, how to lose weight fast? I don't have a lot of time to exercise, I have three kids? And also I had three c-sections.


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walk every where you can that isn't deathly or dangerously far. Wake up a little early (i know with kids its hard to but try) and jog in place or dance whatever you can do excercise is excercise even if its broken up through the day just in total try to get 30mins-1hr a day. Cut out red meats and empty carbs no bread unless its whole grain, no pasta, no noodles, no potatoes unless its sweet potatoes you can have that. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, yogurt is great i eat 0% greek yogurt with a little bit of honey and fruit I love it. Chicken and fish are your friends! You can use seasonings just keep the sodium as low as you can. No soda no sugary drinks if you need fizz try seltzer they have flavored ones and trust me they arent bad at all especially if they are super cold!  Be consistent no cheating if you want to cheat choose one day out of the week where you can have one thing you really want just remember calories sugar fats and carbs keep them low have a twix bar a pack of gummie candies but go hard I lost twenty pounds in a month like this you can do it!!! Also juices are good just keep it balanced beets (you can taste it but its not bad and i hate the taste of most healthy things so trust me lol) orange, carrot and an apple itll be less than a snack worth of calories and its seriously good dont have a juice chuck it in the blender with a little bit of water and strain it afterward. Good luck!

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Eat raw chilli's, nature's best is trully the one true way to stay fit and slender. Also, cut out wheat or reduce portion sizes. Balance proteins and fats with carbs. We eat too many carbs, also eat fruit/veg more.

Could sound expensive but try buying from the people that sell outside the shop, that's cheaper and less chemicals injected into the fruit.

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