Can I pass an etg after 70 hours?


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It's possible to pass an ETG test after 70 hours, but not you need to be careful as it is by no means certain you will pass an ETG test so soon.

There are a couple of important factors to consider, so read on...

How to know if you'll pass an ETG test

The usual estimate is anywhere between 3-5 days to be sure, so you are somewhere in between.

That doesn't mean you can't pass an ETG test, because there are things that may work in your favour.

For example, the most important "variables" are:

  1. How much you drank
  2. How much you weigh
  3. Whether you're male or female.

Drinking a lot of water and sweating/exercising can help you pass an ETG quicker, so you could always try that.... Good luck!

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