I Have A Clear Thick Gooey Discharge. What Is It?


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  • What is this thick gooey discharge?
If you have a thick gooey discharge it is recommended that you seek medical attention. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the problem and give you some medication that will get rid of the gooey discharge and make you feel much more comfortable.

The discharge you are experiencing may be completely normal. You are meant to get some discharge as it is your body's way of cleaning your vagina and it is common to experience significantly more discharge in the lead up to ovulation. This happens to get rid of any acidity in your vagina which could kill off sperm that could potentially fertilize the new egg. Your body is making sure you are as ready as possible to be fertilized.

  • What is 'unhealthy' discharge?
While some discharge is healthy and normal you should keep an eye out for certain types of discharge which are not healthy or normal. This would include discharge that is a strange color, is extremely thick and lumpy. If it has a similar consistency of cottage cheese or if it has a strong, foul smell.

  • Seeing a doctor
Many people feel uncomfortable going to see a doctor regarding a personal matter such as discharge but you should not feel uncomfortable. Doctors are trained to deal with personal issues and do so on a daily basis with a huge variety of patients so they are used to the symptoms and their patients feeling awkward.

Most doctors will be able to put you at ease and examine you without making you feel too uncomfortable. They may not need to examine you and may find that a clear description of the problem is adequate for them to establish what the problem is and prescribe some medication. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you will have the medication that will make you feel better.
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A thick gooey discharge may be a sign that you are ovulating.  If you are trying not to get pregnant, do not have unsafe intercourse during this period.
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If you have experienced excessive discharge then you might be a culprit of Leucorrhoea. More than 30% women now a days has Leucorrhoea and considered to be normal. But you should see your doctor for proper check up.
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My period was dew on the 8 th jan 2010 was just two days of spotting last bit was brown and had discharge from below I have had protein in urine so had infection to which I has made me bit ill I had cramps head aches tummy bloated back ache moody clumsy can you help
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It also depends on when this happened. If it was a few days after your period, it could just be ovulation - the egg being released from the body. It is generally surrounded by a small amount of clear discharge.

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