If I Had 3 Beers Over A 2 Hour Period And Had To Test 5 Hours Later Would It Show Up?


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I am not sure how many beers you have had or whether you mean that you have to pass a zero alcohol test but here are the facts. It takes an hour for one unit of alcohol to pass through the body, that is after the first hour has gone since you drank it. One unit is the equivalent of half a pint of standard beer - around 4%.

So, if you drank a half pint, it would be two hours before it had cleared your system. You then add another hour for every half pint after that. Always start counting from the time you stop drinking to be on the safe side.

If you have drunk less than 4 units worth of beer then you might well be ok. However, these figures are an average and depend on your body mass and other factors. I hope that helps a little!
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The breathalyzer tests are pretty sensitive. They would almost certainly pick it up.

Otherwise, depends how strong (alcoholic) the beers were, how big you are (how diluted the booze will be in you), and what else you've been doing. Your gender and individual metabolism come into it, too.

Being dehydrated when you were drinking means you'll have absorbed more alcohol more quickly. Drinking other fluids can make a small difference in getting the alcohol to shift out of your system a bit faster or not be absorbed as much or as quickly.

Assuming the beer was 5% alcohol, you're male, and you weigh 180 lbs, you could roughly expect blood alcohol level to still measure 0.04 five hours later -- this is detectable but not necessarily illegal to drive under. Not necessarily safe to drive with, either. DWI limits are only going down and down.
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I had 3 pints of Yuengling (4.4%) begining at 6;30PM, ending at 10PM, danced about 6 to 8 jitterbugs with my wife, ate a huge meal (filets with all the trimmings ), left for work (I work nights 11PM to 7AM) fell asleep and had an awful fatal accident on the way there at 10:36PM. I gve a blood test 3 hours later at 1:43AM to prove I was not intoxicated (verified by witnesses, an EMT who examined me at the scene, the RN who took my blood and the Dr. Who examined me. Results .11%.
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Yes it would but it won't always mean that you're to impaired to drive.

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