My Period Was Heavy For One Day What Does That Mean?


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This is completely normal. Some people have heavier periods than others, and the intensity and 'amount' can vary from day to day. You can use a range of products that make everything much simpler when you are dealing with menstruation, ranging from pads to tampons.

  • How menstruation works
You will bleed for between 3 and 7 days. This is because everybody is different and all people react differently to hormonal changes. Once a girl reaches puberty then certain hormones will be released from the brain. This will mean that the eggs the girl was born with will start being released. The eggs are released once a month with a view to allow the girl to become pregnant. A girl can become pregnant any time after she starts having her period.

When the eggs are released and not fertilized by a man's sperm, then the process of a 'period' begins. This is when the lining of the womb begins to leave the girl's body. The womb is the place in which babies start to develop. If the womb is not being used then the lining leaves the body. It will come with a lot of blood, too. The blood will appear quite thick and often very dark. This is because tissue is actually leaving the body.

Some people suffer from quite bad periods whilst other people may have rather mild and easy-to-manage periods. You can control your period using things like tampons and pads, as mentioned. Tampons are absorbent cylinders that can be inserted into the vagina to absorb the blood during the day, which stops your clothes from getting stained. Pads can line the inside of underwear to perform a similar function and can be used along side of tampons.

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