What Diet I Should Take In 5th Week Of My Pregnancy And Is This Week Very Danger?


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You should take milk, nuts, fruits and daily portions of vegetables. Women usually develop iron deficiency so it's better to be well-prepared and start having foods rich in iron levels like cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables and fish etc. Cut down on caffeine and do not exceed a daily limit of 200 units of it in your diet. A cup of tea has approximately 30, coffee 50 and coke around 40.
     It's not particularly the 5th week which is a bit crucial. The first three months are very important and you should take good care because you are more vulnerable to a miscarriage during that time. Avoid having certain cheeses like ricotta, stilton, brie and soft white ones. Also avoid raw eggs especially runny yolks. Wash your vegetables several times before using them especially green leafy ones. Cook your meat thoroughly. These precautions should be taken not only during the first three months but throughout your pregnancy period.

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