I Had My Period Two Weeks Ago And I Just Started Again But Its Brownish Color I Also Had Unprotected Sex About 7 Days Ago .Could I Be Pregnant?


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Sounds like a possibility you may very well be pregnant. See, ovulation occurs 7-10 days after your last period and if you had sex then, it would be a good indicator. Sometimes women report having a discharge as you described and still have gotten pregnant. It is a little to early to do a pregnancy test, so wait another week or so then check it. Keep in mind these are not 100%. If you really want to know fast get a blood test done because they are 98% accurate.
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Hi I had the exact same problem. I got my period on the 29th of march and they went away on the 5th of april then I got my period 2 weeks later on the 20th of april and had it for 4 days.I did do a pregnancy test and it came up negative. I can't exactly remember when I had unprotected sex but it was before my period came back.I want to know whats happening

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