How Do You Lose Face Fat?


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In order to lose that face fat you first need to start with by drinking at least nine 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Next your daily diet should comprise of at least three servings of fruits as well as three servings of vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are also known to be very high in fibre due to which they kind of make you fell full and you do not wish to keep your hands on the snacks. Try and say no to alcohol completely. If you have never heard this before, which was also quiet shocking for me, if you consume approximately 1,200 milligrams of calcium every single day it will cut down you body fat completely.

Your aim should be to try and cut down 250 calories and at the same time burn 250 calories. You can do this by simply brisk walking for at least half an hour. To loose those 250 calories cut down ice cream and chocolates and where ever you see a food counter on your way just run away!!
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Ah yes, face fat...that's the place people see first.

If you want to get rid of the fat on your face, there is no way to specifically target it (apart from liposuction)...

SO..You need to just sustain a caloric deficit over time and eventually the fat will come off your face.

The notion of 'spot targeting' specific areas for fatloss is a myth...Your body stores fat on different areas of your body at different times depending upon your genetics.

Some people lean out in the face faster than others, you just have to deal with the cards you're dealt.

So, how do you go about dieting down? Well...

Your body requires a certain amount of calories to maintain it's current
weight (bodyweight in lbs x 15) if you were 150 pounds, that would be
150x15 = 2,250 calories/day.

To lose 1 pound you need to be in a deficit of 3,500 calories.  So if
you ate 500 calories less than this 2,250 each day (1,750 cals/day) you would
lose 1 pound each week.

Couple that with 1 hour of cardio each day (500 calories burned/h on
average)'ll burn another 1 pound a week.

You could slowly work your way down in calories, however...don't go lower than 1,200 calories as a woman and 1,500 as a man if you want to lose the weight safely and healthily.

If you keep up your diet long enough, you will eventually see the weight coming off your face.  You may need to get really lean before it comes off, but trust me, follow a good diet/exercise system/program and it WILL come off!

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Here is a facial exercise which can be perform daily for just 10-15 minutes...

It should be noted that Chubby cheeks and double chin are curse for a person in many ways. 

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For managing the fat from the face, you should follow a nutrition plan. For breakfast, you should eat seeds or bread because they are healthy in energy but low in fat. Use skimmed milk instead of fat milk and low-fat cheese that you must cover very thinly on food. Bread must be of whole wheat, and whole grain and you can apply a banana or an orange for a snack. For lunch, try sandwiches with salad and an apple for the snake. For dinner get soup full rich with vegetables.

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Facial fat develops from several factors, including being overweight,
soft facial muscles, genetics or simply getting older.Work on full-body weight loss if excess facial fat is a full-body
problem. Simply adding regular exercise three to five times a week for
30 to 60 minutes, cutting 250 calories a day and eating more fresh
fruits and vegetables should help you to drop a pound or two a week.
While everyone is different, most people notice facial fat is the
first fat lost. How to get rid of double chin? There are plenty of home remedies that helps you to lose face fat and double chin remedies.

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It is not possible to target specific areas to lose fat. It is, however possible to tone muscles in specific areas. There are facial exercises you can perform but the reliability of such exercises are debateable.
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My experience has been that you lose weight everywhere including your face when you exercise and eat less food.

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