Had Tubes Tied Have Milk Coming From Breast Could I Be Pregnant?


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Ok the lil bumps around my nipple like on the darker part,, like the big circle! Has fluids come out of them like water is that normal?
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Tubal ligation does not cause leaking of milk from breast. Milk production in women is due to a hormone called prolactin. Normal levels of this hormone are 5-20. At these levels milk is not produced. Milk production starts when prolactin levels are high. This is possible after delivery when mother is lactating to the baby.

Milk production other than nursing period is not normal. This condition is usually associated with tumors in the anterior pituitary glands called prolactinomas. So, you should visit a doctor and get proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Had my tubes tried 8months ago,had my period for 7days,now have milk from breast,been feeling sick,what could this mean.don't have sore breast
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Had that happen to me once and my dr described it to me as the older days of women having a wet nurse.  Your body has its own instincts and you can breast feed even without having a child.  Have you been around any babies as of late?

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