Can Implantation Bleeding Come 4 Days After Your Period Was Supposed To Start?


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Actually you can have implantation bleeding after your missed period. It all depends on how late you had ovulated and when conception occurred. If you ovulated later in your cycle then you will have implantation bleeding later. Only about 1/3 of women experience implantation bleeding. It normally occurs a week to 10-13 after ovulation and lasts from 2 hours to 3 days in some cases. The blood is normally brown or pinkish, and goes from spotting to a light flow. If you experience cramps that last after the bleeding contact your doctor right away. If you think you have experienced implantation bleeding, take a test a couple days later or see your doctor. For more information you can see this site it actually just deals with implantation bleeding and is very resourceful
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Implantation bleeding occurs for a different duration for different women. Usually a woman will have implantation bleeding about five to twelve days after ovulation, around the same time she should be getting her period. Implantation bleeding however is quite different from bleeding during ovulation.

Implantation bleeding happens because of the following occurrence. When an egg is fertilised the trophoblast which is the tissue surrounding the egg gets attached to the endometrium and will gradually eat its way in to the lining. In the process it eats in to the mother's blood vessels and forms blood lakes within itself. As these blood lakes form close to the surface of the trophoblast they may sometimes cause implantation bleeding.
Implantation bleeding is usually a light pink or brownish in colour.
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Implantation bleeding is the menstrual like bleeding which occur at the time of implantation of fertilized egg in the uterus. Not every lady have implantation bleeding. Very few percentage of ladies experience this exceptional bleeding. This bleeding is always in the form of spotting only just for one day.
It is possible to have this bleeding four days after the due dates of periods when ovulation and conception are late.
Usually, ovulation takes place at the mid of cycle and conception on these dates can cause implantation bleeding at expected due dates. If ovulation or conception are late then implant bleeding will also be late.
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I know this is an old question, but yes! Yes you CAN have implantation bleeding a day before your period. It all just depends on how long your cycle is and when you ovulate. If you usually get your period 9-14 DPO it is possible to get implantation bleeding right around the time of your period. 
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I started bleeding light red blood 4 days after missing period. Is this implantation bleeding or menstrual period? Answer would be appreciated, I need a baby.
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Yes, it can occur around the time of your period, but it will be very light, not much of a flow and probably last only a day.
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I was suppose to come on my period Sunday. I have been having unprotected sex with my spouse and he has came in me several times. I had a slight blood discharge yesterday after sex could this in fact be implantation bleeding?
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Implantation bleeding is bleeding that occurs in some ladies at the time when fertilized egg implants himself on the uterus. After the fertilization, fertilized egg takes 10-12 days to reach in the uterus. So, implantation bleeding usually occur one week before expected date of periods. This implantation bleeding is always in the form of spots just for one day. Bleeding that you are mentioning like one day before your expected day of periods is not implantation bleeding.

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