Is It Normal For My Boobs To Hurt After My Period Has Ended?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Yeah, it's totally normal for your boobs to hurt before and after your period! Not all women will experience this every time they get their period, but it's certainly not uncommon.

Why Does My Period Make My Boobs Hurt?
Essentially, it's all down to hormones. Your body releases a lot of these when you're menstruating, and this can cause all sorts of changes to how you feel, both emotionally and physically.

Your blood-pressure changes, and you're more sensitive to pain - and these things in particular can cause your breasts to feel more tender than usual.
What Can I Do To Stop My Breasts Hurting? 
 Your best bet is to get some painkillers and just wait it out. Gentle exercise can also help, but limit this to something like swimming, as high-impact sport can make the pain worse!

Make yourself as comfortable as possible, and treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Soaking in hot water often relieves a lot of PMS symptoms, and even if your period has ended, it can still make you feel a lot better!
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Yeah, it could mean they are growing.

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