Is It Normal To Bleed After Your Period Has Run Its Cycle?


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It is very difficult to refer to a 'normal' period. Every woman has different cycles and irregular periods are more common than you might think. Some women often find that they experience some spotting of blood after their period has run its cycle. This can be caused by a number of factors including stress or a change in diet, lifestyle or weight. If you are really worried about the bleeding or it is particularly heavy or painful then it is worth contacting your doctor. In most cases there is a simple explanation that is not serious but just hearing this from the doctor can be enough to stop the irregularities.

Worrying about your periods can affect them even more, either by delaying them or increasing them, and having your mind put at ease can help return things to 'normal'. If you find that bleeding after your period has run its cycle happens quite often then it could be worth considering taking the contraceptive pill. The pill can help regulate periods and makes it easier to predict when you are going to be bleeding. However, the pill isn't for everyone and a doctor may be able to offer you alternative advice about how to regulate your periods. If the bleeding is light and only spotting then it highly likely that it is nothing to worry about but for the most accurate diagnosis of your case you should speak to a doctor.

If you are suffering with this bleeding and have recently participated in unprotected sex then there is always a slight chance that this could be a sign of pregnancy. If you have had sex without proper birth control then you should carry out a pregnancy test as soon as possible and seek the advice from your doctor.
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Well buddy!
I must say that there are a number of reasons of the vaginal bleeding. In fact it is considered as the normal menstrual and a number of ladies have such issue. I cannot suggest you the common reasons of it because there are near 130 reasons of it. You should meet your doctor if you feel pain, otherwise wait for the next month and if the same issue rises then visit the doctor.
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It is normal to bleed after 10 days of your period?
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No ,it is not normal.I suggest you go to hospital.

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