Am I Overweight If Im 84 Pounds And Im 5 Foot 2 And Nearly 15?


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No, at 5 feet tall a person should weigh around 100 pounds. Add at least 5 pounds for every inch over 5 feet to be healthy.   You should be about 110 lbs at 5 foot 2.  Don't let the media make you think you need to be super skinny.  Eat healthy food and be active.
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Are you kidding me? Lol, quit reading into what the media tells you and what the scale says.
Look in the mirror. Really..
But if you want my honest opinion you're underweight, there's no way in hell, again in my opinion, that you're by any means over weight.

Hope this helps and have a good one :)
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No I think your under weight...I'm 5'3 and I weigh 120lbs.
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You are not OVERWEIGHT STUPID! You r underweight! Eat things instead of salad!

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