Does Height Increase After 18?


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The height continue until the large bones continue to grow. Bones start to grow from mother womb. The growth of bone is dependent on growth hormones and androgens. They continue to grow until puberty. Because the epiphysis of bone is closed when androgens start to increase at the time of puberty. The time of puberty is individual response. Some peoples enter in to puberty at the age of 13,14,15,or 16. After the puberty, the bones don't grow but remodeling continues throughout life. At the age of 18, if you have achieved puberty, you will no grow in height.
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Swimming helps in increasing the height (especially freestyle) . Swim regularly and increase your diet intake.
Diet and height are directly related.
Yes, height does increase after 18. A person can grow till 22. AFter 22 its very unlikely.
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