How Can I Find Out My Weight In Kilograms?


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Due to the popularity of newly-developed units of measurement, such as the kilogram, more traditional units for measuring weight are falling by the wayside. For example, nobody really seems to be as enthusiastic for finding out how heavy they are in stones and pounds because it can be difficult to visualize how much this is - especially considering all of the products we measure tend to be weighed in grams, except for fruit and veg.

Unless you have access to a measuring scale that can digitally display how much you weigh in kilograms, you may find that you will need to find out how heavy you are using traditional scales that will provide you with an answer in stones and pounds. From here, you can use online conversion websites such as, or it can be as simple as typing '10 stone to kg' into the Google search bar. From there, the search result you will see will be your correct weight delivered in the unit of measurement you want.

Don't forget that if you are ever dissatisfied with your weight, there are things you can do to reduce the kilogram value to a far nicer number. It can be as straightforward and simple as eating healthier and exercising regularly. Also, many people don't seem to realize that extremely high calorific content that can be found in alcohol. A small glass of wine can include as many as 134 calories, and so you should try and monitor how much you drink if you intend on keeping your slender figure!
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A person's weight can be measured using a measuring scale. These scales require a person to stand on them and a gauge that is located on the top displays a person's weight. If your scale only provides readings in pounds then you can easily convert this into kilograms by multiplying the weight in pounds with .4535. This means that each pound is slightly less than half a kilo in weight.

People also use the concept of BMI or Body Mass Index to determine if they are the ideal weight. BMI is simple to calculate and requires only a person's weight in kilograms to be divided by squaring their heights in meters. Then there is the concept of body fat percentages; where the techniques of Plicometry and Densiometry are used to determine the body fat content of an individual.
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I am 12st 5lb what is my weight in kilograms
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115 pounds how much is in Kg
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If weight in lbs. Is 205 what is it in kilograms
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I can be facetious. I just hop onto the scale to measure my mass in kg.
It has been over forty years since the pound was phased out here.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid conversions like the plague. For measuring your weight in KG then this Weight Loss Calculator is quite effective.
If working on an old building where the original dimensions were in feet and inches I use an imperial measure.
On a new one I use a metric measure instead.

Much simpler and more accurate than trying to convert from one to the other all the time.

The pound is not longer independently defined. Only the kg has a formal definition and the pound is defined as a portion of that kg. So the conversion factor is only approximate.
The ratio of 2.2 lb is equivalent to 1 kg is accurate to about 1 part in a thousand. Which is more than accurate enough for your purposes.

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Here's the easy way no matter where you live. Use the scale at your doctor's office next time you go there. Medical scales are almost always calibrated in metric. If not, or if you are not able, call your doc and ask for your weight from your chart.

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