Does Eating Noodle Everyday Can Make Me Lose Weight?


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Yes, just look at what it has done for the Japanese people.
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Noodles are a high GI carbohydrate which means that they don't keep you feeling full for very long. However, if all you ate was a pack of noodles a day then am sure the weight would fall off you! Good luck!
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I don't think eating noodles everyday is healthy for you!!! Noodles are Carbohydrates and you need a balance of all different food types to be healthy. And Healthy Eating is the best way to lose weight. Plenty of vegetables and fruit for the vitamins you need, some carbohydrates and protein, fibre and a small amount of fats would be much more healthy. And of course along with eating healthily if you exercise regularly you can lose weight healthily.
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Eating noodles every day in and of itself is not going to make you lose weight.

Eating in a caloric deficit every day will make you lose weight, regardless of whether the calories are coming from noodles, chicken breasts, pizza or Mc Donalds.

Take your weight, multiply it by 15 and that is the amount of calories you need to take in each day to maintain your current weight.

Eat less than this each day to lose weight.

Many packets of ramen instant noodles are about 400-500 calories.

So if you were say....150 pounds.  Your maintenance calories would be 2,250.  You would be able to eat 3 packets of instant noodles for 1,500 calories total and lose weight.

That would not be the best diet though, it would be unhealthy and lacking nutritionally.

You'd want to make sure you get veggies/lean meats/fruits in your diet.

You can learn more on setting up a proper diet plan here.

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