Can You Get Pregnant Even If It Doesn't Go All The Way In?


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The answer is yes; even if it doesn't penetrate all of the way. Reason why is because if their was any precum then that means their is sperm. Their is a common misconception that if it doesn't go all the way in, or if he or she pulls away in time then a female will not get pregnant. This is not true. Though you run a lessor of a risk if their was a full ejaculation it is still possible. This is why they call it precum. If you are a female you need to set up a doctors visit or if you want to be discrete  than just go to a local pharmacy, convenient mart, or a major retail store and purchase a pregnancy test. Do not always trust the first test you take, it is better to purchase at least 2 pregnancy test and take them at separate times preferably one pregnancy test one week and the other seven days later. If a male, the best thing you can do is go to the person of interest and talk to her about taking a pregnancy test to be sure. Do not rely on the fact that if a period doesn't come or even if it does come. This is not always a sign of pregnancy or not being pregnant. *This information should only be used solely on the discretion of the person taking the advice and one should always follow up with a physician!!*   

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