What Are The Dangers Of Losing Weight Too Fast?


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The reason why it's bad for your body to lose too much weight to fast is because it causes your body to have electrolytic imbalances. Basically it will cause you to become more prone to infections, viruses, etc. It tends to make people have headaches, nausea, and dizziness. If you lose extremely large amounts of weight very quickly it will prevent your skin from shrinking back along with the weight (and as a result you will have very loose hanging skin). Finally one of the worst side affects that always happens to everyone is it has a rebound affect. Basically your not really burning fat, what you end up doing is burn away your body's water and muscle tissue. After you stop loosing weight all of you weight will come back and you will gain about 10% to 20% more weight than you originally had. I can honestly reassure you though that you aren't loosing weight to quickly. It's safe to lose up to 13lbs in one week, your loosing 5lbs per week (according to your description).
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Thanks for the information, but what I don't understand is that patients who undergo gastric bypass or band surgery generally loose at a much higher rate than what is recommended (1-2lbs per week). If loosing weight was so dangerous why would they be allowed to do so? (I understand that they are medically monitored) but is that the only prerequisite to losing more than the recommended rate of weight loss?
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If you are losing weight with some type pill you could develop health issues that are related to your eating habits and if you are using a diet many people only think diets are to loose weight but it is a life long thing.
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A lot of dangers are associated with crash dieting...not eating healthy to reduce weight loss. Side effects can be hair loss, poor or diminished eye sight, dizziness, low immune system. Your weight loss sounds reasonable to me.
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I'm 44 cal counting lost 52 pd in 6weeks dizzy low blood pressure
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Losing weight too quickly through crash dieting can lead to lose skin developing (the skin does not have the time to adapt to the loss of the fat and will take time to firm up)...

For those who are older, it can also make you more susceptible osteoporosis , a weakening of the bones due to calcium deficiency...

You can also see a lot of muscle tissue loss in addition to the fat loss,
and early aging...as crash dieting speeds up the process of aging.  You
may see more fine lines/wrinkles/sagging skin.

You can also see electrolyte imbalance, low blood cell counts, cardiovascular disorders and organ damage...

Not to mention moodyness, mood swings and lethargy.

There is also the possibility of developing an eating disorder due to this such as anorexia or bulimia.

If you're asking such a question in the first place though, it sounds like you're considering doing some kind of drastic diet, which I would advise against as it does not lead to any lasting results.

You can still lose weight fast but in a healthy way, there are many diet systems out there that can yield fast results without leaving you hungry or impacting your health in any negative way.

Here's one which works well for many who try it.

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Losing weight fast is considered too fast and could put you at risk of many health problems, including muscle loss, gallstones, nutritional deficiencies and a sudden drop in metabolism.

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Saggy muscles and possible kidney problems.

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Well, I have seen a lot of people going on drastic diets and
very intensive workout programs to lose weight in a short amount of time and in
the long run, this was not good for them. It resulted in saggy skin and once they
stopped with the diets, they gained a lot of weight back very quickly.

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Look, losing weight too fast may be harmful to your health. For example, when you lose weight quickly, you are losing muscle mass. Actually, it may lessen your productivity and lead to health problems. Shortly speaking, do it the right way. Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food. I buy Xenical at a Canadian pharmacy to boost the effect but it's necessary to consult a doctor.

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Access skin and you won't be toned. Your a$$ will be scrubbing the floor. 5 pounds a week isn't too fast though.

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