How Late Can I Have An Abortion?


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Legally, 12 weeks and under. 
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It depends upon the law of your country. If induced abortion in your country is legal then it can be safe medically before 12 weeks. There is no restriction for pathological abortion.
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Twelve weeks is the legal limit in most clinics after this you would have to have a medical reason as to why it wouldn't be safe to have the baby if you were planning an abortion and you had thought so very much about your decision first then if you went to a clinic before 8 weeks you could have a medical abortion by tablets or after this you would need a general anesthetic but would be home the same day
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Actually, it depends what your state laws are. Many people don't realize it, but in some states it is legal to abort even up to 9months!! Here is a link proving this. Just so you know. I'm not saying any of this to give you peace about having an abortion, I am 100% AGAINST abortion. This link will tell you in details how they kill your unborn, but very much alive, baby. 

How is a partial birth abortion (D & X) performed?

  The D & X abortion is used in late second and third trimesters (24-36 weeks). As with the D & E, the cervix must be dilated using laminaria.  Forceps are then introduced into the uterus to grasp the baby's legs. The baby is delivered breech while the head remains inside the birth canal. Using blunt-tipped surgical scissors, the base of the skull is pierced and a suction catheter is inserted to extract the brain. This causes the skull to collapse and the dead baby is then fully delivered.  Sometimes, while the child is partially delivered and still alive, the organs are removed and sold for fetal tissue experimentation (an illegal practice).[Back to Top] 

How is a live birth abortion (prostaglandin) performed?

  A Prostaglandin or Live Birth Abortion is done in the second or third trimester. Prostaglandins are naturally occurring chemical compounds which assist in the birthing process. For the abortion procedure, artificial prostaglandins are injected into the amniotic sac which induces violent labor and leads to the birth of a child usually too young to survive.  Often salt or another toxin is first injected to ensure that the baby will be delivered dead, since some babies have survived the trauma of a prostaglandin abortion and been born alive.
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Why would you show her this? Are you foward for this? You should show her the pic's of these procedures while you are at it. Its not a pretty sight of baby hands,head,legs etc when they are pulled apart.
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If you are pregnant please don't do it. Remember they have heart beats. You are killing your own blood. GOD BLESS!

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