Why Do I Get Bad Water Retention Before My Period?


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Water retention prior to menstruation is a common problem, said to affect almost 90% of women to some degree.
If you have very bad water rettention it could be because you are eating too much salt. One gram of salt will cause your body to retain a weight of 450 grams of water so the more salt you eat, the more water will not be flushed out. It is really important therefore to check the salt content of any food before you buy it and try to avoid any salty foods such as tuna in brine or bacon.
Exercise can help you to sweat out the salt in your body, thereby releasing fluids for urination. Exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week, for the week before your period is due.
Finally whilst it may seem ironic, you need to drink more water. This actually helps flush out your system and will help your body to get rid of fluids.

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