How Do You Lose Water Retention?


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Water retention can cause your body to suddenly feel bloated. Medically, this condition is called as oedema. It is a very common occurrence in normal human beings, nothing to be worried about. Even so, there are a few steps you can prevent and stop water retention.

If you have mild fluid or water retention, here's what you can do:

Go into deep water. The water pressure will force the fluid out of your tissues and eventually into the bladder. Make it a habit to swim in a pool if your body has a tendency to retain water.

Also, you should avoid the usage of diuretics. They are beneficial for fluid removal for heart, liver or kidney patients, but also cause something known as oedema. Drinking lots of water can also help avoid fluid retention !

The simplest way to avoid water retention is to limit your intake of salt. Excess salt will surely make you retain water.
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In order to stop water retention there are few things that you can try out. One of the first suggested methods is to get down into deep waters. You can try and exercise in the swimming pool. Try and avoid using diuretics. Consuming too much of salt from hot dogs, popcorn, olives, salted nuts, pickles or pepperoni pizza can make your body hold on to fluids.
Try exercising it will help you reduce the fluid retention. Try and drink as much of water you can and also try and drink herbal tea. Parsley is considered to be the best. You can prepare it by adding two teaspoons of dried out leaves fro each cup of boiling water. Boil for around 10minutes and try and drink up three cups a day.

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