Can The Father Use Of Cocaine Affect His Unborn Child?how Does Cocaine Use By The Father Affect The Unborn Or Growing Baby?


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YES. If the father smokes crack & the pregnant mother inhales the smoke or is near it, it can cause birth defects as if the mother herself was doing the drug. It can cause lung defects, heart defects, etc. If the father uses cocaine and causes distress to the pregnant mother, it can cause stress upon the fetus and can cause an early labor & other physical problems to both the baby and mother.
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also I would like to add in if both mother and father are using ether when she is pregnant or not if you are trying to have a kid and you are using ether you stop trying or stop using when usingthis drug trying to have a kid will be a lot harder for it to happen for the reasons that the mother body is not in a proper state to produce a kid and also the drug when using it puts a lot of stress on the body and ect but not only it makes it harder to get pregnant, but using the drug when you hard can make the baby miss carriage or havea addiction toit once born

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