How far back will an oral Etg alcohol test detect alcohol?


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Maybe couple days
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jake goodin
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Well I know the urine one is like 3 days or whatever but i heard the swab with saliva ETG test can only show for like 12 to 24 hours. My roomate said he had to do the swab at the same place as me and he would drink the nite before and the next evening he passed every time im just worried maybe they gave him a different oral swab then mine but i dont see why it would be different
jake goodin
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And everywhere I look up on the internet i cant find any info on a oral swab ETG anywhere and then a few places said when they test in your mouth it will show the Metabolites for the drugs like an ETG urine test but for the alcohol its pretty much the same as a PBT that way Some legit info or testimony would help

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