How does being short make you look younger than your actual age? Being tall is older too?


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Tony Newcastle answered
I wouldn't know, because i am very tall. How tall are you Maxine?? Do you live in Beijing (Peking)?
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Arthur Wright answered
You can easily blend in with the kids around you where being tall isnt as easy
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Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Haha so are you saying short people can be kids?
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
He's saying being tall isn't easy.
Last time, he said he only wanted to associate with people who had a brain,and put lots of info on their profiles. Maybe you've grown a brain, in the meantime?? ---Hahaha!!
Maxine Chan
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Wow, if only you were here.
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Eleanor jones answered
I suppose being short gives the impression of being younger because most  children compared with most adults are short. Likewise most adults will be taller than most  children and so the impression will be given that they are older than they are. Thats my theory anyway Maxine.

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