What's the best incentive for losing weight?


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I was actually just reading something in Time Magazine about the government in Dubai offering its residents a very encouraging incentive to drop the pounds: Gold.

For every kilogram participants lose, the state will reward them with a gram of gold. This works out at around $41 for every two pounds they burn.

The thing is, obesity has become a major problem in Gulf states like Dubai, with around 75% of the adult population considered either overweight or obese. It's a trend that's replicated in countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi.

The "diet for gold" scheme may sound like a great idea, but how effective will it actually be in a country where the general population is pretty well off?

Perhaps the real solution would be to wean people off the fast-food chains that are wildly popular in the region, and instead encourage more sensible dietary choices through information.

Nevertheless, if it takes off - I'd be interested to see if other countries consider taking part.

On one hand, increasing people's fitness and health would alleviate pressure on economies where the healthcare system is state-funded. Perhaps in these cases it would make sense to offer gold or cash incentives if the actual savings to the system outweigh the cost of running such a wacky scheme.

But then would this encourage "professional dieters" who scam the system by simply piling on the pounds and then losing it again?

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It depends on you, if you'd like to have a good figure and good health then you should do the exercises and eat some diet-food in order to lose weight. In fact, me too, I did my diet by doing exercises and by eating healthy food, at last, I achieved and I lost some pounds in a few months, so I am happy as I can wear what I like in fashion.

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Of course, you could lose it sooner if you were more aggressive with the amount of calories you take in each day or the amount of cardio you do...

I would not recommend going below 1,200 calories(as a woman) or 1,500 as a man though.

Do some more reading up on proper diet/exercise protocol before you implement anything though...

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