What Exercises Are Most Effective For Losing Weight?


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All exercises that
- keep your heartbeat at around 130bpm
- utilize the large muscle groupe in your body (e.g. the legs)
- take at least 30 minutes
- are carried out at least thrice a week

If an exercise takes less than 15 minutes you don't burn fat. If your heartbeat is much higher than 130, you don't burn fat either.
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Walking is well documented as a good way of losing weight. I think they saw you should walk 10000 steps a day. So get one of those pedometers and get walking!
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Long time bath is really helpful to lose weight, but be sure the depth of water must under your arm and keep the temperature around 35 degrees. It easy and lazy way to lose weight but very effective and good for your skin as well!
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david hurtado
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Long baths make you lose weight??!! First time I hear it...
awawa tokyo
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I thought its common sense. long time bath can help you sweat and stimulate your metabolism.
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Wow a bath can help you lose weight! I best tell the other half!
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Going to the gym helps but it's just boring. I wait until it's fairly dark, then go for a jog.It's a lot more exciting than the gym, plus there's a good chance of seeing interesting things on your little weight loss adventure.
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Are you too scared to jog in daylight ? LOL Or does the darkness have weight losing properties?
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I can suggest is to do a little exercise every day, no matter what it is so you can vary your pattern and not get bored with it.I mean slowly it will come off! As long as you avoid eating chocolate bars and crisps (only tiny, thin ones) so it will balance with the amount of energy that you use within a day .
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My doctor and nutritionist tell me that any exercise will help increase your metabolism which ultimatly leads to weight loss. Most Cardio programs are designed with weight loss in mind. You can set most bikes, ellipticals and treadmills ,or have a cardio or fat burn setting which helps you target that type of exercise.
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It depends,and you can ask your doctor for advice.
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There really is no *1* be all end all exercise for losing weight, however here is a list of activities that burn a lot of calories:

-rock climbing
-cross country skiing
-ice skating

As far as in the gym, I find the following machines to burn the most calories:

-stair climber
-rowing machine

Just make sure you combine the exercise with the right diet program or no amount of exercise will result in weight loss..

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Yoga is the best medicine to keep your body fit and healthy. There are different type of posters in yoga to reduce weight.
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Stephen Hurley
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I thought Yoga was more of a mind exercise. A type of relaxation / muscle stretching method. If you are already unfit and you need to lose weight, I wouldn't suggest Yoga at all for an initial weight loss exercise, possibly once you gain fitness.

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